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Eugene V. Reeves has compassion for all people and has directed much of his humanitarian work in impoverished communities around the world to include India, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and South America. Bishop Reeves with the support of his ministry and corporate partners sponsor annual mission projects and trips to bring relief to those who are suffering in these international communities by providing food, medical supplies, training and evangelism.

Well ProjectThe Well Project – Clean Water for Kenya

The current crisis that Kenya faces is providing clean water to its population. The human population depends heavily on water resources not only for drinking but also for agriculture and to feed livestock. Currently the children that we support live in a village where fresh water is not readily available. Can you imagine having to walk 10 miles several times a day just to fetch enough water to live?

Our goal is to put a well in the center of this village. This simple act will have a huge and lasting impact on the quality and sustainability of life for the people who live there.  All it will take in U.S. dollars is: $12,000


My Own BedMy Own Bed – Cots for Kenya and Uganda Orphanages

The ability to sleep in a warm comfortable bed at night is something that many take for granted. By donating to this project, you will give the children in the orphanages that we sponsor in both Kenya and Uganda a bed to call their own. The joy and hope that this will bring to these children is immeasurable.  All it will take in U.S. dollars is: $5,000


Nepal EarthquakeNepal Earthquake Relief Project

The 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Nepal a few months ago killed more than 8,000 people and left more than 2 million homeless and many children orphaned. We are currently providing support for one of the newly created orphanages in Nepal. Your donations will also help provide: Tents, Water Purifying Tablets; Blankets; and Food.  All it will take in U.S. dollars is: $8,000


Church Upgrade Project for RwandaChurch Upgrade Project for Rwanda

Fencing the Mt. Carmel location will offer a secure environment for the congregation to worship. Ministry equipment and other items can be maintained as well. The project will serve to enhance the worship ministry at Mt. Carmel Celebration Center and provide necessary musical equipment to better support the ministry.

Ebenezer ChurchThe pavement will provide Ebenezer with a concrete floor and the wall plastering will provide a more finished look to the worship center. All it will take for both churches in U.S. dollars is: $7,600



Rwanda PiggeryPiggery For Progress Project in Rwanda

This project will allow Mt. Carmel to be an income-generating church in order to provide economic sustainment with all the connecting churches throughout Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. All it will take in U.S. dollars is: $6,500


Africa LaptopsLaptops For Nigerian School Children

This project will allow children in K2 through 5th grade in our sponsored school in Nigeria to gain basic computer knowledge and skills through technology. Donations of used working laptops and monetary donations are being accepted for the project.



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